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3 Ways Brokers Can Use Personal Video in Their Business

3 Ways Brokers Can Use Personal Video in Their Business

In a digitally driven world, it's critical to create personal connections that develop long-term relationships.

One way to create that connection for your clients is to incorporate video into your outreach activities. Simple personal videos shot on a cell phone or webcam can go a long way to earning the trust of borrowers.

And, video is delivering business results. According to a survey from personal video creation platform BombBomb, customers who used video in emails increased replies by 81% and converted 68% more leads.

Homepoint's Senior Managing Director for Wholesale Production Will Pendleton recently sat down with BombBomb's Chief Evangelist Ethan Beute for an Elevate Live virtual event. The two discussed why interpersonal relationships are vital in the mortgage industry and how video can bring brokers and borrowers closer together.

Here are 3 ways brokers can use personal video in their communications strategy.

1. Make A Human Connection

In today's always-connected world, human interaction in business can be hard to find. Brokers are often working with borrowers that they haven't met in person. That's where personal video can help. While everyone defaults to email or text message, a short video can help bring emotion to your message.

"Typed out in emails are notoriously terrible at getting people to understand what we mean from an emotional standpoint, from a tone standpoint. There's so much nuance and subtlety in the way that humans have communicated for over a millennium."

— Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist, BombBomb

Ethan Beute of BombBomb

2. Provide Clarity

Brokers are helping navigate a customer's often largest financial investment of their life. Personal video can help communicate critical details more simply and effectively than a mass email or lengthy meeting—a benefit that is very important in the complex mortgage industry. During the presentation, Homepoint Account Executives shared how they used video to help inform broker partners about a new FEMA Disaster Declaration policy and quickly cover FAQs for their brokers.

"The main takeaway here is that anytime you click send, or anytime you have a machine send out a message on your behalf. You have an opportunity to make that more clear and more personal with video," said Beute.

3. Give Thanks

Don't overlook the power of a simple thank you. Personal videos can be a great alternative to a thank you letter or email. Beute highlighted how you could meaningfully connect with borrowers by taking just a few minutes out of your day to say thanks.

"The gift of your 37 seconds of time and attention is insanely valuable and insanely meaningful to other people," continued Beute.

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