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Homepoint’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Shares Insights with AIME’s Broker Community

Homepoint’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer Shares Insights with AIME’s Broker Community

Having more diverse voices working in the mortgage industry makes the business stronger and more successful. Yet, the industry still has work to do to create a more diverse business landscape. According to a 2019 report from Fannie Mae, over 71 percent of the housing industry workforce is white even though America as a whole is becoming more diverse.

To better understand the current state of diversity in the industry, and develop strategies for the future, Homepoint's Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, DeAndre Lipscomb, recently spoke to brokers within the AIME community.

The Diversity and Inclusion Superpower

According to Lipscomb, diversity and inclusion is about connecting in more meaningful ways with your team and your customers. Lipscomb put into context what D&I represents:

  • Diversity: Representation across many different areas and the richness it provides.
  • Inclusion: The feeling of belonging, having access, and being able to express your opinions.

"At Homepoint, we like to say that diversity and inclusion is our superpower. It is about bringing people together and harnessing the power of their individual experiences, perspectives and backgrounds, and unifying around that."

— DeAndre Lipscomb, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Homepoint

DeAndre Lipscomb of Homepoint

Harnessing the Power of Different Perspectives

Prioritizing D&I isn't just the right thing to do; it can also help your business. Having more voices and backgrounds in the room allows companies to learn and evolve. It can help brokers better understand their borrowers and identify inherent biases that they might not even be aware of personally.

"It is about understanding that we all come to the table with our backgrounds and biases—it's all about being open to learning," adds Lipscomb. "When you do that, you are going to learn more about your team and your customers."

Expand Your Network

It can be easy for business leaders to look at their existing network when hiring for new roles. However, to build a diverse team, brokerages should consider broadening the scope of their search. Hiring teams that take the time to look for diverse talent can find some of the best applicants. Lipscomb recommended connecting with diverse colleges to recruit new talent to the industry.

"One thing about mortgage brokers is they are very resourceful," said Lipscomb. "They can find customers, they're able to close deals, so it won't be a problem in terms of finding resources that can connect you with diverse talent."

Find Ways to Help

Brokers can also take more initiative in expanding diversity in the mortgage industry through philanthropic efforts. For its part, Homepoint dedicated $1 million from its foundation to help establish more minority-owned and female-owned mortgage brokerages throughout the country, through a partnership with AIME's Spark initiative. The Homepoint and AIME collaboration is just one of the big or small acts that can help create a more inclusive mortgage industry.

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