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Learn the 5-minute daily social media plan that will grow your influence and business

Learn the 5-minute daily social media plan that will grow your influence and business

In today's virtual world, social media is more important than ever. It's critical to building relationships with your customers and referral partners. But, with long hours and record pipelines, how can you find time to manage your social media presence?

Don't worry—it's possible. You don't have to spend all day on social media to be successful—you just need a plan.

Social media expert Katie Lance recently sat down with Ginger Wilcox, Homepoint's Chief Experience Officer, as part of our Elevate LIVE series to discuss how brokers can build and sustain a strong social media presence even on limited time.

Take these 5 steps to jump start your own social media game plan.

1. Start with time blocking

The framework of Katie's strategy is to time block your schedule and build a routine. She recommends daily, weekly and monthly activities to stay on track. (Pro tip: if you only have 5 minutes do step one!)

  1. Daily: Take 5-minutes to like, comment, and engage with 5 people on social media and respond to all comments and notifications.
  2. Weekly: Schedule a 30-minute planning session to map out what you want to share in the week ahead.
  3. Monthly: Spend about 2–4 hours a month to batch create your content for the month ahead.
2. Identify your pillar content

Pillar content is any original content in your voice and with your personality—it helps others feel like they know you and builds trust over time. Katie said this type of content also generates the best leads!

How can you find your content? Start by thinking about what questions people ask you, how you help others, and what type of customers you love to work with. Lean into who you are and leverage video—it performs well and helps your audience see your personality.

3. Create your distribution plan

Once you put in time to create your content, Katie says you need to repurpose it as many ways as possible. The good news is it's not as hard as you'd think. For example, one recorded Facebook video can also be a blog post, posted to YouTube (the second largest search engine!), shared on LinkedIn, and shared as an Instagram story.

Get organized with a content grid. Map out a weekly schedule with your own pillar content, and then fill in with content from your referral partners (like open houses), local businesses highlights, and an inspirational quote.

Remember, social media is a marathon not a sprint—these small steps add up to deeper connections and increased trust with your audiences.

4. Share, but don't forget to engage with others

The mortgage business is a relationship business—that's why social media should be a key component to your strategy. Katie stressed we must first remember that social media! Don't just post or set it and forget it. Engage with others, consistently.

Not only do these daily, small interactions help build relationships over time, but social media algorithms give you credit for those interactions. So, your engagement with others will help boost your own content and help people understand what it feels like to work with you.

5. Download your 7-day Facebook planner

To help jump start your own social media plan, download our 7-day Facebook planner. Try it this week and share how you did—tag us using @homepointloans and #HomepointElevate.

Watch the replay

Get all of Katie's social media wisdom and best tips in the full event replay.

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