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Our Commitment to Wholesale

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Our Commitment to Wholesale

For some time now, we have spoken about our commitment to the wholesale channel and centering the focus of our people, technology, and programs around providing our independent loan originator partners with a best-in-class experience.

Since 2018, just three years into our company’s existence, we made the decision to emphasize the wholesale side of our business. The reasons are simple:

  • Wholesale is better for customers. Independent loan originators in wholesale have a consistent advantage over their retail counterparts in terms of mortgage rates, upfront costs, and life-of-the-loan expenses – to the tune of $8,000 in cost savings, on average. That advantage is especially pervasive when looking at lower-income borrowers and minority borrowers.
  • Wholesale is better for business. With home accessibility and affordability being as challenging as they’ve ever been, loan originators having optionality of product and offering the lowest mortgage fees and rates is more important than ever. Independent loan originators can better serve more people – while making more money at the same time – working on the wholesale side of the business.

Because we believe so strongly that wholesale is the best option across the board, we’ve taken strategic measures to effectively put our money where our mouth is to bolster that area of our business. Our decision to sell certain assets of our delegated correspondent channel allows us to further streamline our operational focus on wholesale and invest additional resources into enriching our partner experience.

You can already see some of the valuable enhancements we’ve made to our partner experience in recent months:

  • New appraisal platform. We’ve improved the appraisal process by providing partners access to even more AMCs and offering desktop appraisals.
  • Larger product menu. We’ve equipped partners with a larger arsenal to win business and serve their community, including a Jumbo suite of products – including Jumbo AUS, TBD Locks and extended lock terms, 5/7/10-year adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs). The recently announced Homepoint New Build program positions independent loan originators as a much-needed resource for small to medium-sized homebuilders, creating opportunities for a sustained referral pipeline.
  • Enhanced back-office technology. We’ve created a more efficient underwriting process that requires fewer human touches and has led to consistent 1-day turn times.

We truly believe that independent loan originators are the best option for consumers and that’s why we’re fully committed to wholesale.

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