In the wake of natural disasters, we’re here for you.

For immediate help and assistance, call our Disaster Assistance Team (Mon-Fri 8:30AM EST to 8:00PM EST).

As part of our promise to be there for you and your family following disaster, Homepoint will suppress late fees and negative credit reporting once FEMA declares your zip code/county/parish eligible for Individual Assistance.

We will continue to suppress late fees and negative credit reporting until the expiration of the declaration. We hope that this will provide you some flexibility as you recover. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us during this time.

Managing your mortgage during disaster

If you are facing financial difficulty and have trouble paying your mortgage following a disaster, we will work with you to find the right payment option for your circumstances. None of the options provide permanent payment forgiveness but they will help you manage your payments during and after your hardship.

Please reach out to us for assistance options you may be eligible for, including suspending your mortgage payments short-term or other payment assistance options.

Call the Homepoint Disaster Assistance Team at (855) 998-3056

Filing an insurance claim

If you have experienced property damage or loss because of a disaster, these are the steps you may take in order to file an insurance claim. These steps are general, and individual circumstances may differ.

1.Contact your Homeowners Insurance provider.

Reach out to your Homeowners Insurance provider who will help you understand your coverage and assist in filing a claim if necessary. An insurance adjuster will be assigned to work with you throughout the claims process. The adjuster will call to set up a time to inspect your property in-person or remotely within a few days. If you don’t have the contact info for your insurance company, we can help. Give us a call at (855) 998-3056

2.Contact Homepoint for assistance with an insurance claim.

Contact our Loss Draft Team for assistance with your insurance claim. The Loss Draft Team will assist throughout the claims process, and walk you through what the next steps are. You can contact the Loss Draft Team at (833) 888-6807

3.Once you receive a check, notify us.

When you receive a settlement check, you’ll notice that our name, Homepoint or “Home Point Financial,” is on the check. This is because we have a financial interest in making sure your home is repaired. Call our Loss Draft Team when you get the check, and we will walk you through next steps. For minor damages, if your loan is current, we won’t need to oversee the repair process and we’ll endorse the insurance check for you to manage the repairs. If there is significant damage to your home, Homepoint may need to monitor repairs to your home. You can contact the Loss Draft Team at (833) 888-6807

Additional resources

There are several additional resources that may also be of assistance following a natural disaster in your community.

Find out if you are eligible for government assistance.

Contact FEMA to see what government assistance may be available. This will also help you determine if you need to file a claim for an additional settlement and obtain the necessary claim # from FEMA.

Call FEMA at (800) 621-3362 or visit the FEMA website.

Seek additional assistance from private agencies.

Consider contacting private agencies for additional assistance in recovery from the disaster.

Contact the American Red Cross at or the Salvation Army.

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