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Mortgage Calculator

This mortgage calculator can help estimate a monthly mortgage payment. By inputting home price, down payment, loan term, and interest rate you can see how the monthly payment changes.

Then you can use the monthly payment estimate to see the full cost by adding in other applicable fees, such as homeowner's insurance, property taxes, and HOA fees.


Estimated monthly payment


Total monthly payment: $2,548.61
Key definitions
  • HOA fees:
    A homeowner's association (HOA) is an organization that makes and enforces rules for a subdivision, planned community, or condominium building. HOAs often collect fees for services provided within the community
  • Homeowner's insurance:
    A form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's house and assets in the home
  • Down payment:
    The initial payment made when a home is bought through a loan
  • Interest rate:
    The amount of interest due per period, as a proportion of the amount lent, deposited, or borrowed
  • PI:
    Principal and interest payment or PI is the total monthly payment due for a mortage loan
  • Principal:
    The original total loan amount

Results are based on information input by the user and are for estimation purposes only. Monthly payments only include principal and interest, unless added by the user. Taxes, insurance, and other fees may apply. Results do not reflect all available loan products and are subject to individual program limitations. Qualification, rates, and payments will vary and are based upon timing and individual circumstances. This is not a commitment to lend.

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