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Homepoint Fast Facts

About Us

Homepoint is one of the nation’s leading mortgage originator and servicers, putting people front and center of the homebuying and homeownership experience. The company supports successful homeownership as a crucial element of broader financial security and well-being through delivering long-term value beyond the loan. Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Homepoint works with a nationwide network of more than 9,100 mortgage broker partners with deep knowledge and expertise about the communities and customers they serve.

Our Mission

Homepoint is on a mission to create financially healthy, happy homeowners. Our people-first approach to lending starts with compassionate associates that help eliminate the stress of getting a loan and owning a home. Beyond the loan, Homepoint empowers customers to get the most value from their home investment by offering expert advice and exclusive savings.


Homepoint employs associates throughout the United States, with many based near the company's offices located in Ann Arbor, MI; Chandler, AZ; Charlotte, NC; Clearwater, FL; Dallas, TX; Indianapolis, IN; Madison, AL; Maitland, FL and Parsippany, NJ. The company also has a strong presence of associates working remotely, which has allowed it to hire top talent across the country.

Closed loan volume

Homepoint closed a company-record $96 billion of mortgage volume in 2021, through its nationwide network of mortgage broker and correspondent partners.

Homepoint Foundation

The Homepoint Foundation launched in September 2020, forming a dedicated philanthropic arm for the company's mission of strengthening and diversifying the wholesale mortgage channel. The initial $1 million investment from the Homepoint Foundation went toward the establishment of minority-owned and female-owned independent mortgage brokerages throughout the country.

Our culture stakes


We Align, We Shine

We are one team, unified by our focus to operate in the most connected way possible. We incorporate and celebrate each other’s strengths, coming together to achieve our individual and shared goals. Our collective vision is aligned to ensure we leverage every possible resource to accomplish our achievements and inspire our teammates, company, and community.


The Real Deal

We create an environment that fosters open communication and transparency, creating genuine interaction and alignment across the organization. We believe truth builds lasting relationships. We are true to our stakeholders, partners, customers, and each other. If it matters to them, then it matters to us.


Dare to Care

We possess compassion with a people-first mentality, building strong relationships with our customers, partners, investors, and each other. We are committed to seeking first to understand, then to be understood. We recognize that every small act makes a big difference.


The Fast and the Curious

Curiosity is the core of innovation. We are inquisitive, and no question is off-limits—no matter how big or small. Asking is the first step to creating meaningful change and dramatic results. We unfailingly pursue information to determine causation and possibilities. We appreciate and encourage others to be curious and creative with no judgment.


If It's Not Fun, What's the Point?

We embrace having fun in our work life to inspire creativity and create positive energy. We work hard but balance our intensity and tenacity with gratification and enjoyment. When you do what you love and work with people you respect and admire, happiness ensues.


Homepoint be Nimble, Homepoint be Quick

We are intelligently fast in everything we do. Our decisiveness and flexibility enable us to adapt quickly and thrive in new environments. We anticipate emerging market conditions, and our innovative culture defines our ability to respond, grow, and maintain market leadership.


Decide. Commit. Succeed.

We're committed to fulfilling our mission of positive outcomes for our customers, associates, partners, and shareholders. We debate big ideas and commit to a path of supporting each other and achieving our goals. We are intentional with our actions and quick to learn from our mistakes. We are tenacious, devoted, and determined to succeed.


Unity in Community

We believe in the highest level of service and connection without the expectation of anything in return. We are purpose-driven and feel a responsibility to build and maintain an organization that is bigger than any one person or thing. “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” (H. Keller)


Roar to Soar

Be Brave. Be Great. Be Bold. Be Gutsy. We create an environment of vulnerability without judgment. We encourage the voices of everyone throughout the organization to speak up and be heard. Courageous associates try more, trust more, and tell more. Our boldness inspires and positions our organization as a catalyst for social responsibility and innovation.

Diversity and Inclusion

Our Differences are Our Superpower

We strive to create a diverse, inclusive environment where every person is additive to our success. We actively work to hire, promote, and recognize those whose unique voices make us stronger. We value the opinions, life experiences, and backgrounds of our customers, associates, partners, and shareholders. We believe having diverse ideas and perspectives is core to our success.


Excellence is a habit

We win by doing ordinary things in extraordinary ways. We believe that high standards are contagious, and attention to every detail matters. We perform even the most mundane tasks in superior ways. We believe that being exceptional is a habit, not an act.


Create A Legacy

We are committed to creating positive change that pays dividends today and into the future. We remain strong through economic uncertainties and environmental changes in our industry. Our flexible approach yields a responsible and positive impact on our culture, customers, and community.

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