4 Must Haves For Your Next Home

4 Must Haves For Your Next Home

Feb 14, 2017 | Homeowner Advice

Have you been noticing your growing family is running out of room in your current home, or that your new job has more than doubled your commute? These may be signs that its time to buy a new home. Before you begin your house search, use our ideas below to create a list of must haves for your next home, so you will be happy in it for years to come!

1. Plenty of Closet Space

There’s no such thing as too much storage! By purchasing a home with ample amount of storage space, you are setting yourself up for years to come, as it allows you to grow into the home. When you view a house, be sure to open all of the cabinets, pantries and closet doors to see what storage space you would be working with. While a home may seem to have a lot of storage options, the space may not be usable. It’s important to find this out before putting in an offer!

2. The Right Location

No matter how perfect a home may look on paper, if it is far away from work, family and friends, your new home will quickly feel like an inconvenience rather than a relaxing space. It’s important to remember that the right location for your next home is individualized to your wants and needs. Whether you would rather have a long commute to work to live close to your parents, or you’d prefer to live closer to work and further from your family, you need to prioritize what you would like to be close to, and look for homes in that area.

3. Enough Privacy

Privacy isn’t something that is often thought of when touring a house, but it is extremely important to ensure you are comfortable in a space. Be sure to look out all windows in the home to see what your view from each room will be. If you look out the window in the bathroom, are you staring into your neighbor’s shower? That could leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home.

4. Updated Appliances

Updating appliances in your kitchen and bathroom can be both a timely and costly project. After making such a big investment in your new home, you may not have money to replace appliances for a long time (unless you plan on purchasing a fixer upper). To help save you the hassle of buying and installing new appliances, make sure your next home has them already updated before moving in!

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