4 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

4 Tips For Selling Your Home In The Winter

Feb 08, 2017 | General, Homeowner Advice

Spring and fall are typically the ideal seasons for selling a home, but there are some circumstances that may require you to put your house on the market during the winter months. While there may be some challenges, it’s important to stay hopeful; people are still looking to buy, and you have less competition on the market. Use our tips below to help sell your home this winter!

1. Keep the Heat On

When your potential buyers step inside your home for the first time, you want your space to feel warm and inviting. One of the biggest turn offs would be for your guests to be greeted with a gust of cold as they enter your home. To prevent this from happening, be sure to turn the heat on before an upcoming showing so your home is warm and cozy. To make the space even more inviting, light some candles and get the fireplace going (if you have one). 

2. Make Sure there is a Clear Walkway for Potential Buyers

The last thing you want is for your potential buyer to slip and fall on the way to view your home! To make sure this doesn’t happen, be sure to clear the driveway, sidewalk, pathway and stairs where people may walk. Your guests should be able to easily walk outside, and that includes in the backyard as well. In addition, provide as much snow cleared parking that you can to cater to your potential buyer.

3. Have Pictures of the Exterior from the Warmer Months

Don’t let your buyer’s only impression of your home’s exterior be what it looks like during the cold winter months! If you have outdoor amenities that may be hidden by the winter weather, such as a large deck, pool, or beautiful garden, have photos of your home from the warmer seasons easily available. By showcasing the exterior amenities your home has to offer, you’ll be one step closer to winning your buyer over.

4. Make Sure Your Home is Well Lit

Winter is known for being dark and dull, but your home doesn’t have to be! Purchasing a home, especially for a first time homebuyer, is an emotional experience. By brightening up your space, you will be creating a warm and inviting atmosphere where potential buyers can picture themselves living. To add some light into your home, try installing recessed lights or add some lamps to darker walk-through spaces of your home. This is a simple yet highly effective tip to help leave a lasting impression.

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