5 New Years Resolutions for Your Home

5 New Years Resolutions for Your Home

Jan 22, 2016

New Year, new home! It’s time to start fresh and make home improvements in 2016. Nothing can stop you from making this the best year possible with a more organized, efficient and clean house. Meet your home management goals this year with these top New Year’s Resolutions for a better home:

1. Inspect Your House

Every year you should inspect your house for improvements. It’s a great way to see if everything is working properly in your home. You should inspect your house for mildew in bathtubs and showers, smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed, your roof and replace any damaged shingles, and gutters for holes, cracks, or sags. By learning what needs to be fixed you can start off the New Year by repairing everything that will make your home better in 2016.

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2. Cut Energy Use

This year, cut down your energy use. Wondering where to start first? A good place to start is your ducts! Ducts are huge energy wasters, as they leak your heat and air through holes and loose connections. This year focus on sealing and insulating your ductwork. This will improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system and save you money each year.

3. De-clutter

The clutter from last year has to go in order to create more storage space for your home this year. Without some regular purging, cabinets and drawers get too packed with junk and it becomes hard to find the things you use and love the most. Go through all the drawers in your home this year and get rid of all the junk that has accumulated over the past couple years in order to clear up space. Additionally, have everyone in your family go through their rooms and throw out anything they don’t use, love or want anymore. By decluttering your house, you will breathe a little easier and start the New Year with a fresh, clean start.

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4. Get Organized

In order to keep your house clean and more efficient, make sure you get organized this year. A great way to stay organized is to add organizers in your cabinets and closets so everything has a place. Keep similar items together and items you utilize daily in a more convenient location. This will help you save time grabbing things on the way out, putting things away and keep your house from becoming a mess.

5. Improve Home Finances

This year make sure you are keeping up with your mortgage payments and not missing any payment deadlines. Make sure you are keeping your loans up to date, and also learn how improve your insurance score. Additionally, try to keep a yearly home improvement budget. Creating a budget for home improvement and maintenance helps prevent overspending, and encourages you to save money for major replacements, such as new tiling or roofing.

At Home Point Financial, we care about our customers and want you to have a great 2016. We can help you manage and lower your monthly mortgage payment this year. Contact us today by calling (888) 616-6866! We look forward to your call, and wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.