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Account transfers

If your loan is transferred, your loan terms will remain unchanged. Mortgages are transferred for a variety of reasons, and we hope to provide you with all of the information possible to make this a smooth transition.

Upon transfer, your new servicer will:

  • Collect all payments to your mortgage made on/after the transfer date
  • Give you a new loan number
  • Provide monthly statements
  • Notify you about updates to your account
  • Send year-end tax statements
  • Manage your escrow account, if you have one, for paying taxes and insurance

Your Homepoint Auto Pay may be cancelled.

If your loan is transferring in July or August of 2022, your Auto Pay will remain in place

Upon transfer, your Auto Pay may be cancelled if you had one through Homepoint. If you had an Auto Pay with your bank account, you will need to cancel this yourself. We would recommend setting up a new recurring payment arrangement with your new servicer.

Forbearance or loss mitigation plans will be transferred.

Any forbearance or loss mitigation plan that is currently active with Homepoint will be honored by your new mortgage servicer. All terms established with Homepoint will remain the same, but we encourage you to actively follow up with your new servicer if you need to discuss your current loss mitigation plan, or extend your forbearance plan, or discuss options available to you after your forbearance ends.

Your online access to important documents will stay accessible.

Online access to your Homepoint mortgage account will still be available should you need to access your Homepoint mortgage documents. You will be able to access your previous Homepoint monthly billing statements, tax documents, and other documentation as needed.

To make this transition smooth you may want to consider:

  • Begin making payments to your new servicer beginning on your transfer date
  • Set up recurring payment with your new servicer after your transfer date
  • Watch for an IRS for 1098/1099 from us early next year, as well as one from your new servicer

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